Lab & High Tech

Laboratories & High-Tech

In laboratory settings, control of environmental conditions is paramount. Whether it’s filtering the air in a “clean” room or setting the temperature for consistency during an experiment, ITB makes sure the conditions are optimal.


Abbott Laboratories, IL 

Argonne National Laboratory - HTRL Recertification & POFO, IL 

Argonne National Laboratory - Protein Crystal Lab & , Building 241, IL 

B.P. Amoco National Research, IL 

Baxter Laboratories, IL 

CSL Behring, IL 

FBI Midwest Headquarters, IL

Fermi National Accelerator Lab, IL

Johnson & Johnson, WI

Michigan State University FRIB, MI

Park-Dale, MI 

Pfizer Laboratories, IL 

Presence Center for Advanced Care - Saint Joseph Outpatient Pavillion, IL 

Proctor & Gamble Facility, OH 

SBI Crime Lab, NC

University of Illinois - Micro Electronic, IL 

Upgrade Energy Management, IL